Ronix Vault Wakeboard Combo



• A sharper center rail creates a quicker edge transfer and is also more reliable in choppier water conditions, blending to a more vertical side wall in the tip/tail allowing the board to ride higher on the water with more glide speed.
• G&R Technology – Grip and Release channels have all the traction you need for boat or cable riding without creating unneeded resistance with the water.
• Variable Bevel – rounder radius bevel on the inside of a rider’s stance blending to a sharp bevel on the outside for a clean progressive edge transfer and hold.
• Versatile rocker line – depending on how a rider edges into the wake it will feel like a continuous rocker board with easy transitions and soft landings, or a 3 stage rocker with more upright pop.
• 4 x Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins.
• Created for the everyday rider, yet is ridden by one of our sports legends Chad Sharpe


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