Ronix One Wakeboard Handle


The one to end them all. The Ronix One Detachable Handle Wakeboard Handle is the only handle you’ll ever need. Ridden by the legend himself, Danny Harf, the handle has a unique Barlock to prevent the handle from rolling, and if the sizing doesn’t fit perfect, you can detach the handle for a Ronix after market grip with different shapes and diameters. The grip is a mix of Hide and Mestral with comfortable Oval airbags acting as thrones for each of your thumbs.

Product Details


Barlock (Anti-Roll)

Hide / Mestral embroidered grip

Oval Airbags

4mm thick memory foam

1.25″ handle diameter

Handle Material

Filled inside with EVA for flotation

T6 Lightweight Aircraft Aluminum Dowel

Lead Rope

12-Strand Japan / Holland Dyneema Rope – Stronger and smaller diameter


Comes with Allen Wrench tool to remove and connect optional grips

Thin gauged vinyl tubing

Glass filled nylon detachable system

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