Battery Master Switch & Key



A battery master switch with removable key that can be wired into boat electrics to switch power on or off to boat systems with one turn.

This boat battery master switch can be fitted to either a positive or negative circuit with a maximum load of 500 amps up to 24 volts for 10 seconds, ideal for 12 volt or 24 volt boat electrical systems.

The removable key has a locating stud on the shaft so as it is inserted and turned to the ‘On’ position it locks itself into place. The key features a convenientĀ hole in the handle so the battery key can be placed onto a keyring.

The battery switch is constructed of robust plastic with metal terminals and reinforced metal fixing holes to help ensure a sturdy fit to the installation. A rubber cap is also included which can be placed over the keyhole when the battery switch is not in use, this can be useful to help stop dirt building up within the switch that may prevent a clean circuit being made and thus no power!

Battery Master Switch & Key Specification

Continuous Load 100A
Max Load @ 24V 500A
Diameter 57mm
Depth 75mm
Terminal Centres 35mm


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