Airhead Switchback Tube


Airhead Switchback Tube

4 Rider Capacity

  •  AIRHEAD SWITCHBACK is a new and exciting 4 rider towable.
  • Two riders sit in front with a comfortable inflatable backrest and side panels to keep them in place.
  • The other 2 riders kneel behind them, riding chariot style.
  • It’s a totally different sensation riding in front or back, so it’s like 2 tubes in 1, consequently the name SWITCHBACK!
  • This deluxe towable slides effortlessly across the wake. There are plenty of boarding straps for re-boarding from the water.
  • SWITCHBACK features 2 heavy gauge PVC bladders and a rugged double stitched nylon cover to ensure long service.
  • Inflation and deflation is easy with the two patented Speed Safety Valves.
  • Size: 88 in. x 70 in. (deflated).

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