Radar Firebolt Kid’s Ski Trainers


* Suitable for Riders up to 85 Lbs

* Adjustable Child Horseshoe Bindings

* Trainer Ski Rope with Dual Handles

* Detachable Trainer Bar

* Color Me Marker Pack with 5 Markers

* Ski Length 46″


The Firebolts have been redesigned for even the littlest riders. The Firebolts are a scaled version of the X-Calibers, taking advantage of everything we expect from the skis designed for big kids behind the boat. A detachable stabilizer bar helps maintain proper ski spacing, improving balance and control when learning. Adjustable horseshoe bindings, a specially designed training rope and two handles (one for child and the other for the boat end) to complete this setup. An exceptional way to teach your young one the finer points of water skiing. Now your kid’s can customize their skis with the Radar Color Me Marker Pack. There are 5 color markers included so that the kids can actually color their own skis. This keeps them thinking about skiing even when they are off the water, and who doesn’t want a customized pair of skis?


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